Monday, August 10, 2015

Endless Gratitude.....

March 2015

For the past few days, Iʻve been quite busy with new responsibilities, family, and studying Master Shaʻs many, many books.  Itʻs been almost a week since my tenure with the university has ended, yet I have been able to seamlessly move into my next responsibilities with greater connection and desire to serve than before.  This is something I didnʻt expect!  I remember being in this place before when I was younger, with children, and worrying about how I was going to pay the bills, afford rent, pay for gas.  I stop now to write because Iʻve had the most fabulous week in a very long time.  So I title this blog, Endless Gratitude.

"The purpose of life is to serve."  Serving is to bring happiness and health to those around you.  My entire adult life has been this statement however, the difference now is that I understand what is happening to my soul journey.  To bring happiness and health is second nature to so many of us!  Regardless of whether we are having a tough day, most of us will not create chaos around others in order to satisfy our own humdrum day.  What I have been doing lately more than ever is to reflect upon the wonderful things in life.  The rain that is so gently falling outside as I wake, the sun that has risen despite our many faults, the perfect lighting in the sky that creates a rainbow or two, the sweet bird singing itʻs song just at the right time outside my door, my childrenʻs laughter when Iʻm getting too serious about matters, the phone call or text that comes to my phone of someone needing assistance or asking me if I need any,  the unconditional life that we have chosen to be apart of no matter how difficult or crazy the twists and turns go.  I have chosen this life as you have yours.

Everything and anything can be perceived with the greatest of gratitude, from the moment you wake, to that moment you rest.  To be alive means you have another day to serve someone else.  A smile, a simple hello, "how are you?" that comes from the heart have been medicine for me time after time.  Maybe its my age showing, however, I pass to my children basic concepts of saying "please" and "thank you."  This goes for everything!  Thank you Heaven for waking me up this morning.  Please dear souls, be kind to each other.  Thank you clouds for blocking the sun for a moment so that I can cool down.

For the next week, check in with yourself and ask yourself when youʻre in the shower or getting ready for bed, what 10 things are you grateful for today.  Write them down and see how this gratitude transforms your life quickly.

Love you, love you, love you!!!  Thank you for reading this blog.  May your life be filled with happiness, smiles, inner warmth and gratitude.


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