Saturday, February 28, 2015

Aloha and Welcome!

Aloha mai kākou!
My greatest love (Da Ai, Aloha) to you all (kākou). 

It is with the greatest pleasure that I begin my new adventure writing this blog to find my soul’s true potential.  Why now? What brought this on?  How does one find their true potential, true purpose of life?

I’ve pondered these questions for a very long time.  I’ve had many people come in and out of my life who have given me pieces to the puzzle of which I was always so grateful to receive, however, it didn’t fill me up.  Something was missing and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.   Then one day, I was introduced to the teachings of an unconditional servant, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, the most loving human being, well accomplished scholar, doctor of two modalities, grandmaster of ancient Chinese arts including tai chi, qi gong, kung fu, and so many more.  How is this possible that I get to learn these teachings from this extraordinary person?  I didn’t ask I jumped! I remember this phrase growing up, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”  So my journey with my spiritual father began. Within three days, my life completely did a 180-degree turn out of turmoil of not knowing and having the desperate need to be given the chance to understand my purpose of life to transforming and beginning to understand my purpose.  I can describe it like the movie title, Waiting to Exhale.  Instead, my title would be waiting to Inhale!  I’m sure some of you can identify with me and visualize when you’re stressed that you just can’t seem to get enough air.  You’re muscles are tense and unable to really truly relax. Yes, you can work out and you can do what some do, drink the tension away or gravitate to other methods of relief, but I’ve not been willing to go down that path of over the counter relief AND I’m guilty of sticking to my office chair pondering the next project or solution to a challenge than working out.  I wasn’t a complete mess in my standards, but I was getting there. 

When I first was exposed to Master Shaʻs teaching, I learned through his worldwide representative in Hawai’i, Master Pam Uyeunten. I was pretty drained running a nationwide college scholarship program which was heavily dependent upon competing for federal funding, working with state and local agencies, non-profit organizations and my own university.  My days were filled with wanting to do something meaningful for the students who were receiving the funding to fulfill their dreams while also giving the gift of culture and connection to those who we didn’t have enough funding for.  My first realization when I started that position was that $1,000,000 wasn’t enough to help those who needed it the most. The intensity of my job was rising daily however; I could feel that something was about to shift if a dramatic way.  I just didn’t know what it would be. 

 The power of a flyer, a picture, one sentence drew me in and brought my husband and I to a free Soul Healing evening on Maui.  I had little energy and was very close to burning out.  I’d experienced burn out years before working in the human rights movement so I recognized quickly what I was heading for. I knew I had to change something, quickly and in a significant way, but how?  I thought of my two teenagers and two little ones.  My teenage girls struggled with normal teenage issues, school, sports, hectic schedules, etc.   The babies were ok, however, I was working so much, and I tried very hard to be at everything and everywhere to support my familyʻs growth.  I was at just about every performance, sports event, but I was failing to keep up with my own balance and stability.  My dear spouse was carrying most responsibilities of the family while I assumed the role to support the greater population.  Not an easy place to be for him or me.  Like most people, we kept right along doing what was needed and did what we could to be happy. We werenʻt in harmony though and we knew it.  

After this soul healing night, I instantly realized that we needed to be apart of this Love, Peace, and Harmony movement.  The messages that I still remember: everything and every part of us has a soul, every one has the power to heal themselves, and the soul is the boss were new concepts that I knew I needed to learn.  This is what I was waiting for.  This was the big change that was here to help me.  There were tremendous healings I saw that was being received and benefited all people in the room.  These blessings came at warp speed!  The words spoken went to the heart; they were loving and gentle, as a mother speaking to a child who needs support and wisdom.   The healing blessing was in the same fashion, reverent and of high-level energy.  I could feel streams of energy flowing from the top of my head to toes.  Chicken skin as we say in Hawai’i.  No fear, no anxiety, just love, aloha, and abundance.  I walked in tired and skeptical and walked away transformed and once again, I didn’t logically know what was going on but I did know my heart was filled with relief.  My consciousness and heart connected and brought me to a knowing I was home.  I was lost and hungry for greater awareness, I now arrived and was being spoon-fed gently as much as I needed.   

Three days later, Dec. 13, 2011, I walked into my office filled with the greatest joy and love for my work.  This was the complete turn around from wanting to quit my job, throw it all to the wind, and crawl into bed and hide.  When I walked into my office, my staff looked at me shocked.  One asked if I was on drugs because of my complete change in behavior from sad and morbid to joyous and happy.  Whatever it was, they wanted some too!  We all laughed and I told them what I had done over the weekend.  I became a Divine Healing Hands SoulHealer!  Was I able to fully understand every aspect of what happened?  No. What I did know fully in my heart was that my soul was completely happy, my work was going to thrive, and my family was going to come through some tough times with greater ease.  Hope! This was Divine intervention and this was the start of my journey to recognizing my soul’s true potential with the assistance of Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, Master PamUyeunten, my soul family (Dr. Laurie, Uncle Stan, Aunty Annette, and Chiemi), and the Divine.  What a team!

Today, I live on a smaller island, Lanaʻi.  My teens have grown and on their own.  My babies are still young but they are invested and thrive in this loving rhythm.  I am blessed to spend so much more time with them.  My husband’s business is accelerating as he uses soul power in his massage business and seeing incredible results with all people but especially those with chronic conditions.  We have been studying for three years now with Master Sha and in complete gratitude and honored to be his students.   This has been the greatest time of our lives.  We have the ability to learn from him at least two days a week no matter where in the world he is, to transform our soul, heart, mind and body through the many books that he has offered humanity, to understand with greater depth wisdom that has existed for thousands of years but only available to great scholars, and most of all for me, being surrounded by a network of caring people all over the world who offer their support, guidance, and blessings.  “The purpose of life is to serve.” Master Sha is an unconditional servant who never ceases to amaze me.  His teaching and practices have saved family memberʻs lives while his Divine blessings have also given our entire family great benefits for our soul journey.  We honor our teacher by serving our family, our friends, and community in ways that we would never have dreamed of before.  We are now in the position to support the spiritual growth of others that also includes their physical health, relationships, and all aspects of life.  We all still have our growing pains, oh yes we do.  Yet, when you can identify them, practice, ask for forgiveness and blessings in a way that really brings solutions quickly, Wow!  That’s a miracle!  I believe this is the greater message for me to deliver, I and any one of Master Shaʻs students could describe to you the miracles we see, feel, and experience in our own lives and the lives of others and you too can experience them with a little practice and one of Master Shaʻs students, books, CDʻs, workshops, teleconference, website (, the chanting channel (another free service to guide you. "If you want to see if the pear is sweet, taste it."  Experience this and decide yourself.  

The soul is the boss and we have the power to connect with all that is Divine, all that is Heaven, all that is good, loving, and healing.  I invite you to come with me and let us help each other transform ourselves through pain, worry, grief, anxiety, and fear into joy, patience, compassion, and love.  Help yourself and help others through the power of soul!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Love you, love you, love you!

Until we meet again,

A hui hou~Aloha~