Monday, August 10, 2015

Culture and Soul are ONE

July 2015

Aloha mai kakou, Aloha to you all,

    Iʻve been seeing and have been apart of protests from anything including the protection of land, natural resources, language, voting, and so on.  To defend the welfare of the common people, the voice of those who cannot or afraid to speak has been a huge part of my adult life.  Purification has been quite intense over the last few months as I see some dear friends, people who I see as leaders of my own community, those Iʻve stood next to arrested for continuing to stand up against corporate greed, misuse of lands and resources, being arrested for their unwillingness to bend,  yet again, to the will of financial gain and science.  I know my friends and family are hurting in their hearts as are many of my people throughout the world.  It makes me ponder more and more about what needs to be done, can be done, in this human world where the two thought processes, two idealisms, are opposite.  This yin yang issue is just that, opposites.  As I look deeper into my own soul and connect with what can be achieved, I see a mechanism that serves the whole, to bring enlightenment, aloha to this seemingly deep seeded issue of Mauna a Wakea and Haleakala.  Here we are in Hawaiʻi with two of the largest mountains in the world being expanded to look further into the universe for answers about stars?  our existence?  new galaxies? Iʻm not sure or clear.  What is clear to me, is that in order for others (astronomers and their partners) around the world to see and experience into the  undiscovered territory that they are seeking, whatever needs to be done to get it will be done.   I sense that on both sides of this issue, each believes they are bringing forth the truth.  So I step back to release the worldʻs yin yang and ask for guidance of my true role in this issue or any other that may be facing dis-ease.

This is the message I received from Tutu Pele:
Dear one, Mauna Kea is a place where solitude is essential for the elements to be supported, to see, hear, and taste the mana of these islands.  The defenders of Mauna Kea come from all over the world.  People are watching this movement from around the globe.  What is important here is the light that shines upon the facts of the issue.  Kapu aloha is a force that breeds more aloha.  This is an innovative tool to place love at itʻs highest form into the world of science and government.  This is necessary to transform the conditions that were set into place years ago.  This is a new age and a new dawn for the people of the world, not just Hawaiians, but the world.  To move with Aloha is the most important transformation that can support a wave that will continue to generate thousands of miles from itʻs original location.  To transform this issue will go beyond this planet and into the universe.  To focus on the human issue is to gather all those who once didnʻt believe in aloha conquering all issues, all aspects of oneʻs life.  The human condition is to work through oneʻs own hewa, oneʻs own karma that allows all of us, young or old, to forgive each other despite our differences and to lift each other up to be aware that there is no separation of ourselves.  WE separate ourselves.  We are on this Earth where there is an opposite as this was created millennia ago.  If we return to our original purpose, to our original selves, we will see that there is no separation, only oneness to create, love, light, and universal abundance.  What you may know and desire as a native people is something that is wanting to be achieved by those who use machines.  In this way, you are not different.  The difference is in the way it is delivered.  The awakening of hearts and minds will come and in this time, humanity will see what can be achieved when united for the purpose of exploration of the Heavens, the universe.  It will be and so it is.  Hao.

Further more, for those of us who arenʻt physically available to support the warriors of light, our pule for aloha and transformation is of upmost importance.  Negativity has no place here as it only grows exponentially.  What the organizers of Mauna Kea are doing for all is profound yet not unprecedented in Hawaiʻiʻs recent history.  However, what is beyond words is the global support that has formed and will teach much like the non-violent protests of Gandhi and King.  This is an opportunity to reset the clocks of behavior, taking it out into the open, and allowing the light to shine beyond the politics, finances, science, and culture.  We love and respect the lands, Mother Earth, for the life that she provides us no matter how high in the sky or deep into the oceans.  We must reunite in this way.  Now is the time.


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