Monday, August 10, 2015

Divine Channel: The first 24 hours....

Itʻs been a whirlwind 24 hours.  On August 7, 2015, Master Sha surprised me and three other Divine Channels in Training by giving us the honor of being Divine Channels.  The moment was surreal as I was working behind the camera that was filming Master Sha.  I was called up to the stage with people who were receiving blessings for healings. I was completely unaware and in shock that my time had come. My time to serve in a most magnificent way beyond anyoneʻs comprehension.  This was my soulʻs mission and finally, the time has arrived.

To describe the moment is difficult.  I can imagine the closest it could get to something physical would be to combine many moments some people experience.  Running a marathon perhaps would support the feeling of preparation and finally crossing the finish line.  So many have this p
ersonal goal and as Iʻve seen over and over again, there is a great accomplishment from pushing your body to extended limits.  In this way, those who are on this path understand well the intense purification that you go through not only physically but emotionally and mentally.  Another example that comes to mind is when someone is crowned Ms. America. Walking down the runway, people are giving love, praise, and congratulations.  In this case, itʻs not only the people but it is the Divine, the Tao, all of Heaven who you have committed to serve.  They are joyous with all souls on Earth. Itʻs an astounding sensation.

 Finally, at this moment, it is like winning the largest cash lottery with bells and sirens wailing, gold paper and flowers dropping from the sky like rain.  As I look up, I see and feel joy and happiness, love, forgiveness, patience, compassion and light all rolled up into an intense brilliant light that is permeating every cell of my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, from all over my skin to the depth of my bones. Thereʻs an intense humility that has come over me.  My thoughts are in a space of service and not of ego.  I could easily pat myself on the back and say good job, however, my heart is wide open and receiving the greatest love from the universe.  In that way, I move forward to serve today regardless of the limited sleep Iʻve gotten or the transformation my body is going through.

After being in the presence of all of this and embodying all that is good and the best that can be, I sense that my continued purification will intensify to transform further my thoughts, my emotions, my physical body.   All of this is to serve humanity and all souls on Mother Earth.  There is no doubt in my consciousness at this moment of whether I can do this most important task.  Itʻs a sense of knowing that my teacher watches over me and although there will be a transition of his time to be able to see him in person, his soul watches over all of us.  Master Sha is there to serve every moment even when we doubt ourselves if this is the right thing to do.  It is an incredible sense of safety and being loved unconditionally.

The tasks continue, they evolve and morph into the needs of this day, this month.  We are the creators of our own destiny.  We are the creators of what we say, think, and do.  We can decide whether we will think negative thoughts, we can decide whether we will do selfless acts of kindness.  This is the yin yang world that Master teaches us.  Simple right? Actually, it can be when you are in the flow of the Divine and Tao.  Light attracts light is what my mother used to say to me.  Light comes in an array of color yet when it comes down to it, itʻs still light and holds frequency and vibration.  I know all too well how easy it is to hang on to frustration and anger.  Iʻve been there, done that.  Not wanting to forgive sometimes feels like it is necessary to prove that you are right or that you are somehow justified in your actions.  Now that Iʻve received this Divine Channel gift, I can see with my heart how that thought needed to be realized as part of my advancement of becoming a Divine Channel.  Transformation of the heart, connects the mind with the proper action to cleanse the negativity that you carry within your body.

As my eight year old daughter cried with all her heart as she hugged me after coming off of the stage, I know this is my lifeʻs mission.  Any doubts of what to do, where to live, and how to move forward with my life were taken care of at that instant moment.  Our children have much more faith in us than we do in ourselves sometimes.  My family is blessed, my life is blessed, I am the servant of the Divine and Tao as my beloved teacher has called upon me, given me the tools, and continues to watch and give guidance like no other job or situation I will have or want in my life. I bow down to the Divine, the Tao, all of Heaven, my ancestors, Mother Earth and to their humble servant Master Sha for this life and the one that theyʻve created for me from this day forward.  I will enjoy the moments of bliss right now and serve.

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo, Aloha wau ia ʻoukou, Aloha wau ia ʻoukou, Aloha wau ia ʻoukou.  Hao.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Love you all, Love you all, Love you all.

I humbly serve the Divine, the Tao, All Wan Ling (all souls)
to bring greater Love, Peace, and Harmony
 to Mother Earth and all universes.
This is my lifeʻs mission. 

Culture and Soul are ONE

July 2015

Aloha mai kakou, Aloha to you all,

    Iʻve been seeing and have been apart of protests from anything including the protection of land, natural resources, language, voting, and so on.  To defend the welfare of the common people, the voice of those who cannot or afraid to speak has been a huge part of my adult life.  Purification has been quite intense over the last few months as I see some dear friends, people who I see as leaders of my own community, those Iʻve stood next to arrested for continuing to stand up against corporate greed, misuse of lands and resources, being arrested for their unwillingness to bend,  yet again, to the will of financial gain and science.  I know my friends and family are hurting in their hearts as are many of my people throughout the world.  It makes me ponder more and more about what needs to be done, can be done, in this human world where the two thought processes, two idealisms, are opposite.  This yin yang issue is just that, opposites.  As I look deeper into my own soul and connect with what can be achieved, I see a mechanism that serves the whole, to bring enlightenment, aloha to this seemingly deep seeded issue of Mauna a Wakea and Haleakala.  Here we are in Hawaiʻi with two of the largest mountains in the world being expanded to look further into the universe for answers about stars?  our existence?  new galaxies? Iʻm not sure or clear.  What is clear to me, is that in order for others (astronomers and their partners) around the world to see and experience into the  undiscovered territory that they are seeking, whatever needs to be done to get it will be done.   I sense that on both sides of this issue, each believes they are bringing forth the truth.  So I step back to release the worldʻs yin yang and ask for guidance of my true role in this issue or any other that may be facing dis-ease.

This is the message I received from Tutu Pele:
Dear one, Mauna Kea is a place where solitude is essential for the elements to be supported, to see, hear, and taste the mana of these islands.  The defenders of Mauna Kea come from all over the world.  People are watching this movement from around the globe.  What is important here is the light that shines upon the facts of the issue.  Kapu aloha is a force that breeds more aloha.  This is an innovative tool to place love at itʻs highest form into the world of science and government.  This is necessary to transform the conditions that were set into place years ago.  This is a new age and a new dawn for the people of the world, not just Hawaiians, but the world.  To move with Aloha is the most important transformation that can support a wave that will continue to generate thousands of miles from itʻs original location.  To transform this issue will go beyond this planet and into the universe.  To focus on the human issue is to gather all those who once didnʻt believe in aloha conquering all issues, all aspects of oneʻs life.  The human condition is to work through oneʻs own hewa, oneʻs own karma that allows all of us, young or old, to forgive each other despite our differences and to lift each other up to be aware that there is no separation of ourselves.  WE separate ourselves.  We are on this Earth where there is an opposite as this was created millennia ago.  If we return to our original purpose, to our original selves, we will see that there is no separation, only oneness to create, love, light, and universal abundance.  What you may know and desire as a native people is something that is wanting to be achieved by those who use machines.  In this way, you are not different.  The difference is in the way it is delivered.  The awakening of hearts and minds will come and in this time, humanity will see what can be achieved when united for the purpose of exploration of the Heavens, the universe.  It will be and so it is.  Hao.

Further more, for those of us who arenʻt physically available to support the warriors of light, our pule for aloha and transformation is of upmost importance.  Negativity has no place here as it only grows exponentially.  What the organizers of Mauna Kea are doing for all is profound yet not unprecedented in Hawaiʻiʻs recent history.  However, what is beyond words is the global support that has formed and will teach much like the non-violent protests of Gandhi and King.  This is an opportunity to reset the clocks of behavior, taking it out into the open, and allowing the light to shine beyond the politics, finances, science, and culture.  We love and respect the lands, Mother Earth, for the life that she provides us no matter how high in the sky or deep into the oceans.  We must reunite in this way.  Now is the time.


Endless Gratitude.....

March 2015

For the past few days, Iʻve been quite busy with new responsibilities, family, and studying Master Shaʻs many, many books.  Itʻs been almost a week since my tenure with the university has ended, yet I have been able to seamlessly move into my next responsibilities with greater connection and desire to serve than before.  This is something I didnʻt expect!  I remember being in this place before when I was younger, with children, and worrying about how I was going to pay the bills, afford rent, pay for gas.  I stop now to write because Iʻve had the most fabulous week in a very long time.  So I title this blog, Endless Gratitude.

"The purpose of life is to serve."  Serving is to bring happiness and health to those around you.  My entire adult life has been this statement however, the difference now is that I understand what is happening to my soul journey.  To bring happiness and health is second nature to so many of us!  Regardless of whether we are having a tough day, most of us will not create chaos around others in order to satisfy our own humdrum day.  What I have been doing lately more than ever is to reflect upon the wonderful things in life.  The rain that is so gently falling outside as I wake, the sun that has risen despite our many faults, the perfect lighting in the sky that creates a rainbow or two, the sweet bird singing itʻs song just at the right time outside my door, my childrenʻs laughter when Iʻm getting too serious about matters, the phone call or text that comes to my phone of someone needing assistance or asking me if I need any,  the unconditional life that we have chosen to be apart of no matter how difficult or crazy the twists and turns go.  I have chosen this life as you have yours.

Everything and anything can be perceived with the greatest of gratitude, from the moment you wake, to that moment you rest.  To be alive means you have another day to serve someone else.  A smile, a simple hello, "how are you?" that comes from the heart have been medicine for me time after time.  Maybe its my age showing, however, I pass to my children basic concepts of saying "please" and "thank you."  This goes for everything!  Thank you Heaven for waking me up this morning.  Please dear souls, be kind to each other.  Thank you clouds for blocking the sun for a moment so that I can cool down.

For the next week, check in with yourself and ask yourself when youʻre in the shower or getting ready for bed, what 10 things are you grateful for today.  Write them down and see how this gratitude transforms your life quickly.

Love you, love you, love you!!!  Thank you for reading this blog.  May your life be filled with happiness, smiles, inner warmth and gratitude.